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The Halo: Unintended Consequences

by Luis Torres                   @TheLTFiles Let’s face it, we all have mixed opinions about the Halo in Formula 1. Some understand it’s for the sake of safety, and the drivers wanted something to be done for head protection after notable incidents that’s ended ...

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Formula 1 Opener Creates Thunder Down Under

Nico Rosberg took his 4th consecutive victory at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.  Rosberg took the final three victories from last season and continued his wining streak in the season opener.  This was his 15th Formula 1 victory and sets the stage for the mega battle that looks to be ...

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Tornado lands in Oz! Formula 1 Season Set To Erupt In Australia!

Drafting the Circuits Formula 1 Report Australian Grand Prix Preview By Steve Aibel @steve_aibel Rolex Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Melbourne March 15   OZ…go to Oz! Find the Emerald City and all your dreams will come true. Every Formula 1 team launches their season in Australia on Sunday, March ...

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