A BIG THANKS & KUDOS for Cheryl Iagatta & to all of the Christmas Carolers who joined us on Sunday as we visited nursing homes & the homes of those who were ill or had lost someone from a terminal illness… We were able to put smiles & tears on some faces as we visited six locations this year. This event is in the 5th year and continues to grow every year. Topics for the night…

Local/National News Booth

 The FBI & DEA took down a major component of the Latin Kings in “Operation Throne Down” here in MA & filtered across 4-5 other states with over 300 arrested but the backstory of how this all went down is truly scary. 3 Dead in Pensacola Florida Naval Air Base shooting has been deemed an Act of Terrorism but no motive has been identified. (NBCNews.com)

The US Government released documentation hat US Officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan which cost the US in the upwards of 1 Trillion dollars & close to 2000 military lives lost during it’s time.

Entertainment Booth

 The powerhouse sequel of “Jumanji: The Next Level” with The Rock & Kevin Hart could not defeat Disney’s “Frozen 2” as it retained the Top Spot for the THIRD WEEK at the Box Office. Can the long awaited film version of “Cats” knock it from the top spot or will Elsa fall to Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” a film based on the true story of the Atlanta Olympic Bombings… If “Frozen 2” remains at the top it will set off a Disney vs Disney battle as “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is set to open Dec. 20th.

Jarad Anthony Higgins AKA Rapper Juice WRLD who was known for his humongous hit “Lucid Dreams” a song which may have an insight to his life which some are saying was a cry for help suffered a seizure after getting off an airplane at Chicago’s Midway Airport & died… Jarad was 21 years old. (TMZ.com)

Netflix released their three hour powerhouse “The Irishman” directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino & many more… Netflix also has a film from director Michael Bay starring Ryan Reynolds “6 Underground”… Last year Netflix’s “Roma” received Oscar nods and almost won for Best Film… Originally the Academy was going to rewrite the rules so films on streaming services would not be eligible, but in April they changed their minds and drew up a ruling for these films to be eligible… In order for these films to be eligible they must have a limited run in an LA County for seven days and must have three screenings a day. Netflix is now showing some of their original films nationwide for the big screen

 Legal Booth

 On Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs almost had to forfeit the game after much of their equipment was left on the flight & ended up in NJ. The equipment was flown back & transported in a truck that was escorted by the MSP… Some would have deemed this as not an emergency, nor a political dignitary & waste of state resources.

Sports Booth

The Pats take home their second loss in a row but in a major controversial fashion where a major light has been exposed on the NFL and their officiating crews like Jerome Boger after their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Pats were also accused of recording the Bengals in Cleveland this past weekend. The NFL is reviewing the B-Roll footage to see what it contains and will make a determination.

Gillette unveiled Gronkowski’s CBD Medic Product at the stadium this past weekend as the word around the NFL is that there will be a major change to the CBA in regards to CBD & marijuana use.

Russia has been banned for 4 years by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) in a unanimous vote from the 2020 Olympics & the 2022 World Cup over their doping scandal after Russian whistleblower Dr. Gregory Rodchenkov exposed the cover-up… (CNN.com)

Trump Troubles Booth

The NATO Conference scheduled for January has now been cancelled after Carla Sands the US Ambassador to Denmark had barred guest speaker Stanley Sloan to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of NATO. Sands was worried that Sloan (who is critical of President Trump) would use his platform to speak ill of Trump and vetoed his participation the day before he was about to leave.

The House Judiciary Committee will heard testimony from the Democratic lawyers laying out their case for impeachment and have now announced that President Trump’s actions was an Abuse of Power & Obstruction of Justice.

Event Reminders

Our Holiday Break begins December 17th with a two hour “Closing Out 2019” show just prior the return of Eddie Murphy on SNL Dec. 21st!!!*Veana Marie’s EP “Vee” is now available on iTunes & YouTube.

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