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Topics for the night…

Special Guest Former NY Mets’ John Napolitano hangs out with the fells to talk about his time in the MLB & and his career venture in the Telecommunications Field/Market

The Local/National News Booth
The MBTA gets new Orange Line cars!!! Elizabeth Warren apologized for her past comments regarding her Indian heritage as she makes her way along the Presidential campaign trail. Chick Fil A, Popeye’s, Wendy’s & Boston Market get into a Twitter War, and in the last three weeks since the Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting the Feds have thwarted 3 possible Mass Shooting plannings. One of those where the shooter (an 18 year old white male) had 25 guns & 10,000 rounds in his bedroom. His plan was to shoot up a gay bar & a Planned Parenthood facility.

The Sports Booth
Pats beat the Titans in Week 2 of preseason, JG & JE are back! The NFL: hires Rapper Jay-Z & just days later discuss the possibility of him becoming the first Black owner in the league bringing shade from his close friend QB Colin Kapernick. Is Jay-Z a “Sellout”

The Entertainment Booth
BREAKING NEWS: “Matrix 4” has been announced with the Lana Wachowski at the helm and the return of Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity!
“Hobbs & Shaw” got surprisingly knocked off by “Good Boys” which was the highest grossing Comedy of the Year at 21M. Sinista1 Gives a Shout Out to his Son who attended the Rainbow Six Siege Tournament which was held in Raleigh NC this past weekend. & R-Squared watches “Zombie Tidal Wave” the successor to “Sharknado” and Vader Streams gets shutdown.

The Legal Booth
A 65 Year Old Lady gets tased by a police officer & the Internet goes into debate mode & Sinista1 is pissed about someone in “His Community” & NYPD fires Officer Daniel Pantaleo for chokehold in Eric Garner’s death.

Weird ISH
Why was Jeffery Epstein allowed to buy size 5 girls panties from a Palm Beach Jail while serving time for a sex crime?
Dr’ Kellog introduced the now famous Corn Flakes back in 1894 for medical & religious reasons… To reduce masturbation & the urge for excessive sexual intercourse.

Trump Troubles
In a visit to PA Trumped claimed he is losing in the range of 3B to 5B while employees during the visit were told to show up or not get paid. President Trump ignores the advice of his Aides to back the Hong Kong protesters & the US tested a long range missile this past weekend raising the eyes of Russia & China.

FEC Rebukes Trumps’ Voter Fraud claim in 2016 & Financial Analyst are predicting a Recession in our near future while Trump denies their findings as the US Deficit is up by 27% at $866B!!!
Sinista1 explains how the incident at the rally in NH is the best definition of a Trumpmerican!

Event Reminders: America’s Scream Queen Linnea Quigley will be on Sep. 24th. Veana Marie’s “Thursday’s Summer Concert Series” began Jun. 20th and runs through the Summer at GiGis Pub located in Brockton on Crescent St with TWO shows LEFT & we close out PROVA! Brockton on the 30th this year once again!!!.

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