TB 052113 Xbox Reveal 001We are just a few hours away from possibly the most anticipated & biggest gaming console reveal in 2013!

But let’s start off with their competition… Sony. Back in February Sony held a reveal press conference, and everyone showed up in anticipation, and what did they get?

A controller, and a motion sensing camera for an absent PS4 console unit… The Sony Fanboys are all claiming that Sony did this so Microsoft would be forced to reveal their console first, and then Sony will have a full reveal.

Really? Here’s my opinion of this… Sony let consumers down in February, and then on the eve of the new Xbox Reveal Sony released a teaser video (Courtesy of IGN) of the new console, but they are not making a major announcement until June 10th. From the looks of the video the new PS4 looks cube shaped, and compact, but it was only a teaser, and really didn’t do the system any justice.

I am expecting Microsoft to come out with guns blazing… There has to be something today that will have Sony looking at a very big mountain to climb on June 10th… I already felt the new console should be called NeXbox for Next Xbox, but the rumor is that Microsoft has a completely new name for the system which will relate to the boom of DLC and Streaming Entertainment.

Xbox Live has been killing Sony’s Online service since forever, and in my opinion they will never catch up to what Microsoft has done with online console gaming.

Some of the rumors about the new system that I want to confirm if they are true…

1) Controllers – The new controllers will be wireless charging

2) Xbox Live vs HDD & Cloud Space – A major boost to storage capacity to be able to fit all of your DLC, Music, Movies & Games… The games are a big one because I feel we are moving away from buying games on discs completely within the next 3-5 years. This would cut into overhead costs, and kill Gamestop which has prospered for years with used game sales. I also want to see the cloud space bumped up, and the ability to FULLY use your own external HD without Microsoft limiting the space you can use.

3) Games w/Release – Infinity Ward already announced that they will be showing game play of the new COD Ghosts at the reveal so one would have to think that a bundle pack is another great  key for causing “mass hysteria” on release day meaning long lines and empty shelves, and don’t be surprised if you see an impressive lineup of launch games. EA’s Madden 25 will already be released for the older systems, and the new Assassin’s Creed is pushing “Available on Next Gen Systems” in the TV ad.

There is much more, but I am going to wait for this revel and see…