So what is wrong with the NBA Dunk contest that million dollar offers are pouring in to stars like Kobe Bryant & LeBron James?

Bottom line… It sucks!

Don’t get me wrong… We can still be dazzled every year, but the dunk contest is being sold on players whose teams are in poor markets, teams that are usually not in the playoff hunt, and/or would miss their star player if he is injured in a mid-season contest where the value outweighs the risk.

Sprite’s 2013 Dunk Champion was Terrance Ross of the (26-41) Toronto Raptors, and for those who don’t regularly follow the NBA aren’t going to know who Terrance Ross is, and let’s be honest… There aren’t many kids in the playground calling themselves Terrance Ross either. Along with Terrance in the dunk competition was James White of the (38-26) NY Knicks, Gerald Green of the (40-26) Indiana Pacers, returning champion Jeremy Evans of the (34-32) Utah Jazz, Eric Bledsoe of the (46-21) Clippers, Kenneth Faried of the (45-22) Denver Nuggets…

None of these guys are true household NBA names… The Clippers have Blake Griffith for example and he has posted some of the best slams this season yet he sat out the dunk competition.

The NBA needs to get their big guns back into the competition, everyone knows it and everyone will benefit… Sprite has been a sponsor every year, and is losing money to mediocre players competing year after year…

So after this year’s very much disappointing Slam Dunk Contest the offers rolled in, and it started with former NBA Star Magic Johnson offering the Heat’s LeBron James a million dollars to enter next year’s dunk competition which LeBron has yet to respond, but is reported that he is “mulling” over the offer. has gone even further, and has offered 5 million to Lakers’ Kobe Bryant to jump into the fray.