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The Biggest National Security Threat is President Trump

     During the 2016 campaign, Candidate Donald Trump liked to talk tough.  He often criticized President Obama, specifically mentioning the Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea, the “Red Line” in Syria, the Iran deal, etc.  There were some disappointing components of the Obama foreign policy; however, Obama campaigned on what ...

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Mar-a-Lago – Trump Serves China a Pu-Pu Platter of Intelligence

     As previously discussed, there are significant ethics challenges surrounding President Trump’s use of his Mar-a-Lago estate while in office.  Related to this, but having far more serious repercussions, are the national security implications.  Fact – nations all spy.  Fact – our adversaries and enemies go to great lengths to ...

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The 2019 Annual Threat Assessment – Its Donald Trump

     On January 29, 2019, an impressive array of defense and intelligence experts provided the annual U.S. Threat Assessment to the Senate.  These career professionals were loyal Republicans appointed by President Trump.  Nevertheless, in what was an unfortunately rare case of integrity among the Trump cabinet, to a person they ...

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State of the Union 2018

President Trump did a good job delivering the State of the Union (SotU) last night.  He appeared to stay on message, followed the script, and other than few excessive gestures seemed more like a leader than at any time in his presidency.  The team that drafted the speech created an ...

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2017 Year in Review

We begin every year with hopes and dreams for the future.  Regardless of how anyone voted, 2017 began with much anticipation of what a Donald Trump presidency would look like, what a Republican Congress with a Republican White House would do for the country, and what would be the future ...

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2017 National Security Strategy

Moments ago, President Trump gave a speech about his new National Security Strategy.  Most of what the President stated as our “new” strategy is in essence a continuation of previous administrations’ policies.  He spoke in generalities, short on any specifics.  The strategy was based on four prongs: 1. Borders and ...

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