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How to Fix the Problem with Elections – Patience!

Just when we thought the 2018 Mid-term Election was over, there is one last open Congressional seat and a major controversy.  There is strong, reliable evidence that Republican operatives in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District perpetrated serious acts of voter fraud to steal that election.  A significant part of the ...

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Out of State Money

If you are like me, you get plenty of political solicitations.  There is an endless cycle of fundraising for the national parties, state parties, Senate and House campaigns, state campaigns, and local races.  It takes an incredible amount of money to run a campaign.  A state legislative race in some ...

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Trump Plans to Pardon Putin During July Summit

Made you think, right?  Not as outrageous or unlikely as it sounds.  The meeting was just announced and there is already much speculation and trepidation about what to expect when President Trump and President Putin meet next month.  I continue to believe dialogue is good and our foreign policy should ...

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