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Trump Will Lose 2020 on Healthcare Lies, not Russia

     The Mueller Investigation is complete, and President Trump opted for battle over governance and leadership.  Foregoing a near perfect opportunity to forge ahead on critical bipartisan issues including infrastructure and prescription drugs, topics Trump has repeatedly asserted as priorities, he instead focused on dangerous trends towards authoritarianism such as ...

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Cheering a Failed Opportunity?

The Republicans won last yesterday’s special election in the Arizona 8th Congressional District, maintaining control of the seat they have safely held for decades.  The seat was so uncompetitive that Democrats did not even field a candidate in recent years.  President Trump won the district by 21 points and candidate ...

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State of the Union 2018

President Trump did a good job delivering the State of the Union (SotU) last night.  He appeared to stay on message, followed the script, and other than few excessive gestures seemed more like a leader than at any time in his presidency.  The team that drafted the speech created an ...

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2017 GOP Tax Cut is a Threat to National Security

Congressional Republicans, with White House support, recently announced their long-awaited tax plan, daring Democrats to oppose it.  On first look, they are right.  Tax cuts make for good politics.  Everyone would like to give less to the government and keep a little more for their families.  Hard to oppose, right?  ...

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