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The Constitutional Crisis Created by Bill Barr and the Congressional Russia Caucus

     During the Trump Presidency, the self-labelled House Freedom Caucus of Republican extremists transformed itself into what is effectively the Russia Caucus, focused almost entirely on shamefully supporting the Trump Administration’s blatant efforts to cover up Russian interference in the 2016 Election and its own related misconduct at all costs.  ...

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Long Overdue – Immigration Reform

The American people have spoken.  Although soundly rejecting the climate of fear, hate and deception surrounding immigration, immigration ranked high among the concerns of voters.  U.S. policy cannot be grounded in exaggerated claims of threats posed by a caravan of desperate people seeking only to apply for asylum or a ...

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The “Freedom” Caucus is the Russia Caucus

I watched the entire Congressional hearing with FBI Agent Peter Strzok on July 12, 2018.  Factually there was nothing new.  We the public were already aware of the series of unprofessional, inappropriate text messages between Agent Strzok and Lisa Page expressing negative views of then candidate Donald Trump.  The Inspector ...

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Will the Mustache be the Line in the Sand?

John Bolton, the man with one of the most famous mustaches in modern American politics, is perched to become President Trump’s 3rd National Security Advisor in 14 months.  This extremely powerful role is critical in terms of our national security and foreign policy.  This individual is often the first, last, ...

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In with “Lyin’” Out with a Lamb Victory

As of this morning, March 14, with only a few hundred provisional ballots left to count, it appears Democrat Conor Lamb has won the special election against Republican Rick Saccone to represent Pennsylvania’s 18th District in Congress.  Lamb’s victory is a big upset in a district where Republicans are so ...

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2017 GOP Tax Cut is a Threat to National Security

Congressional Republicans, with White House support, recently announced their long-awaited tax plan, daring Democrats to oppose it.  On first look, they are right.  Tax cuts make for good politics.  Everyone would like to give less to the government and keep a little more for their families.  Hard to oppose, right?  ...

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