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2020 Primary Debates Prove Useless

     I watched the first three Democratic Presidential Primary debates of the 2020 campaign as I have all debates in previous campaigns.  There was one abundantly clear result from all three debates – they were a complete waste of time.  Even worse, they could hurt the eventual nominee as well ...

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Democrats Failing Strategy – Are They Giving Away 2020, Too?

     President Obama won the 2008 Democratic Primary and then two Presidential Elections.  Thus began a decade of what became known as the Obama Coalition.  There were multiple factors that impacted the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, one of which was the fact that neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie ...

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Biden is in – Will he Impact the Democratic Primary?

     I was hesitant to write a piece attempting to handicap the 2020 Democratic Primary because it is so early and there are far too numerous possible scenarios.  Then Joe Biden got in, making no less than 20 candidates vying for the nomination.  There is so much early controversy that ...

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