News Booth

*Jim Mederios was named in a lawsuit for embezzling $64K

*Cinnabon is selling their frosting, Cohasset Couple fined $500

Legal Booth

*Election security groups report no lost votes or any systems deleted.

Entertainment Booth

*Donnie Wahlberg #2020TipChallenge

*Lisa Bello has new music

*August Grey in NXT

*Quibi’s done

*Netflix renews “Space Force”

*Rapper Jeremih is fighting COVID19

*The Weeknd will headline SB Halftime

Sports Booth

*Marlins name Kim NG as GM. *Pats beat Ravens, 1st All Black Crew at MNF

Trump Troubles Booth

*Rona adds Richard Walters & Corey Lewandowski, Mayor tells Trump to put on “big boy pants”, Trump Administration intends to sell 23B in arms, Trump threatens to withhold vaccine from NY, goes after FOX, Tucker Carlson apologized after false claims, Rally in DC brought 10K while some attendees held up threatening signs, Trump is still lying on Twitter.