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A BIG THANKS to my Special Guests last week Attorney Kenneth Diesenhof (Ken Diesel) & US Ret. Army Col./JAG Robert Resnick (R-Squared) & tonight my Special Guest will be Kenyon Glover to promote his new book “The Rebirth & Resurrection of a New Man” & his “Faithful & Focused” clothing line!

News Booth

MASSACHUSETTS – A 3.6 Earthquake hit Southern MA around 9AM & you can only imagine how us New Englanders took this.

Legal Booth

WISCONSIN – Dominick David Black who purchased the gun that Kyle Rittenhouse used to kill two people during the riots has been charged with two counts of giving a minor a dangerous weapon & could serve up to 25 years.

Entertainment Booth

HOLLYWOOD – Host of Jeopardy Alex Trebek passed away at 80 losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. Alex had hosted the game show since 1984.

MICROSOFT – The Next-Generation of Gaming arrived TODAY as the XBOX One Series X was delivered to those who scored a pre-order spot.

Sports Booth

NASCAR – Chase Elliot took home the NASCAR Cup Series Championship for Hendrick motorsports.

NBA – Celtics commentator & HOF Tommy Heinsohn “The Ultimate Celtic” passed away at 86.

NFL – NY Jets GIVE the Pats a KEY win last night in NY on MNF 30-27, Tompa Bay with AB got spanked 38-3 by the Saints & while we reported the Broncos John Elway & Joe Ellis test positive for COVID19 last week… This week Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger was placed on the COVID reserve list with 5 other players after beating the Cowboys.

Trump Troubles Booth

TIKTOK — Reporter roasted a Trump Supporter during a live broadcast which in one moment spoke for every outlet over the last four years.

WASHINGTON – Biden & Harris are your projected winners for the 2020 Presidential Election… AG Barr authorizes federal prosecutors to investigate voter fraud, but there has to be significant proof for in order to be investigated while just hours later the DOJ Election Crimes Chief Richard Pilger resigned. President Trump’s hypocritical tweets over the weekend gave you an insight to who he really is and the rhetoric of his supporters & followers. He fired Pentagon Chief Mark Esper after two years Mark Meadows & Dr. Ben Carson test positive for COVID19. & FOX was the Media Thorn in President Trump’s side since last week & it was their network on Thursday which started it all including the cutting away from Kayleigh McEnany on Monday.

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