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Death of Baghdadi – Trump Spoils the Victory

     On Sunday morning, October 27, 2019, President Trump formally announced that U.S. Special Operating Forces seized the compound of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who detonated an explosive vest rather than be captured.  Baghdadi was among the world’s most dangerous and evil individuals whose death makes us all a ...

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Trump Bungles Another National Security Issue

     President Trump had a private phone call with Turkish dictator Erdogan that for the second time (that we know) led directly to a dramatic change in our Syria policy.  Last time, Secretary Mattis resigned and Trump was forced to delay the change, but not now.  Trump charged in grossly ...

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This is about Trump’s Reelection, not Corruption

     The recent scandal in which President Trump was caught soliciting, in fact coercing, the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Biden has led to the House of Representatives beginning an impeachment inquiry that is likely to result in articles of impeachment against Trump.  It began with a courageous ...

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Looking Down the Barrel – the Peril of Gun Safety Compromise

     Our country has been long overdue in passing essential gun safety legislation.  Columbine was an early warning and then after the atrocity of Sandy Hook we would surely address rising gun violence.  So too would the Parkland murders be the final straw.  Instead, there has been an increase in ...

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