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Trump Will Lose 2020 on Healthcare Lies, not Russia

     The Mueller Investigation is complete, and President Trump opted for battle over governance and leadership.  Foregoing a near perfect opportunity to forge ahead on critical bipartisan issues including infrastructure and prescription drugs, topics Trump has repeatedly asserted as priorities, he instead focused on dangerous trends towards authoritarianism such as ...

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Thank You Robert Mueller – Here are the Remaining Questions

     Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his investigation and submitted his report to Attorney General (AG) William Barr.  The Mueller Investigation was thorough and professional.  Thank you to Mr. Mueller and his team for staying focused and steadfast despite the ongoing attacks at subterfuge by President Trump and his Russia ...

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You Can’t Buy Integrity – The 2019 College Admissions Scam

     Over the past week the country has learned of an extensive scheme to fraudulently admit children of wealthy individuals to elite colleges and universities.  Ironically, the investigation began with a top provided by an individual facing securities fraud prosecution who claimed a soccer coach solicited a bribe.  The U.S. ...

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Second Summit, Second Failure

     President Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim on February 27, 2019, for their second “summit” to address decades old security issues on the Korean peninsula.  President Trump apparently left the meeting 2 hours early because there was not going to be any agreement.  That was the good part ...

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