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The 2019 Annual Threat Assessment – Its Donald Trump

     On January 29, 2019, an impressive array of defense and intelligence experts provided the annual U.S. Threat Assessment to the Senate.  These career professionals were loyal Republicans appointed by President Trump.  Nevertheless, in what was an unfortunately rare case of integrity among the Trump cabinet, to a person they ...

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Trump Fails with Oval Office Wall Address

     Last night on “The Booth” we discussed the ongoing government shutdown and President Trump’s border wall demands.  Our discussion included predictions for his Oval Office address shortly following our show.  Unfortunately, we were right, and Trump utterly failed to make his case.  Historically and with little exception Presidents have ...

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The 2019 Trump Shutdown is Everyone’s Failure

     We are 17 days into the Trump shutdown and with no end in sight it appears this will break the record for length of s shut down.  This dubious distinction is no source of pride but rather further indication of the failings of our so-called leaders.  President Trump stated ...

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Environment Should be the Issue of 2019 and Beyond

     There is a famous Sci-Fi story twice made into a movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  The basic plot (no spoilers) involves an alien who arrives on Earth to warn human kind that we will be destroyed before we can destroy the planet.  One of the scientists negotiating ...

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