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Brett Kavanaugh – Closing Argument

I had not intended to post another piece on Brett Kavanaugh, but after watching the entire hearing yesterday I feel compelled to write a final piece.  The hearing was certainly dramatic, and it was hard to feel empathy for both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.  They are both human beings.  ...

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Choir Boy to Liar Boy – The Kavanaugh Risk

Three weeks ago, I posted a piece analyzing the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination and confirmation process.  This was prior to the sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh becoming public.  The previous piece addressed the Republicans’ brazen and inappropriate attempt to conceal 90% of Kavanaugh’s professional documentation while attempting to rush ...

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The Kavanaugh Confirmation

The U.S. Senate, indeed the entire nation, is focused on whether Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Court.  There is really very little suspense about the nomination as Republicans have the minimum number of votes needed to confirm after eliminating the previous 60 vote requirement ...

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Out of State Money

If you are like me, you get plenty of political solicitations.  There is an endless cycle of fundraising for the national parties, state parties, Senate and House campaigns, state campaigns, and local races.  It takes an incredible amount of money to run a campaign.  A state legislative race in some ...

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Why President Trump Can’t Testify

Over the first 20 months of the Trump Presidency, there has been ongoing speculation and discussion concerning Trump’s character, cognitive ability, intellect, personality, etc., as these impact his ability to lead and govern the nation as President.  Separate and apart from these issues is the Russia investigation and whether Russia ...

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