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The Booth: Jul. 03, 2018 – Foreplay with The Booth

A little July Foreplay on the eve of July 4th from the guys of “The Booth” LIVE at 7PM!!! And we will be giving away another ILoveBostonSports.com shirt to a lucky member of our LIVE CHAT today!!! Listen to “The Booth” LIVE on Whoobazoo.com or FB on The Booth’s FB ...

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The Booth: Jun. 26, 2018 – President Trump’s Latest Immigration Headaches w/Border Children

The boys of The Booth open the show to give support to some personal friends who have gone down on motorcycles (Chris Anderson & Brian Jerrier Jr.), discuss President Trump’s latest immigration headaches involving the Border Children, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders being denied a meal at a ...

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NATO Deserves more than Lies and Mysteries

After the calamity of the Putin meeting and the disingenuous, ineffective attempt at damage control, President Trump today attempted to direct attention back to his recent NATO meeting.  He boastfully, but without supporting evidence, asserted incredible success in Brussels.  Well of course he did.  President Trump continued to push two ...

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Failure in Finland

President Trump flew to Finland to meet with Vladimir Putin.  Meetings between the U.S. and Russia are always critical, and it is important to route for our President to be successful, regardless of how we voted and our views on policy.  Putin will never publicly admit Russia’s interference in our ...

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The “Freedom” Caucus is the Russia Caucus

I watched the entire Congressional hearing with FBI Agent Peter Strzok on July 12, 2018.  Factually there was nothing new.  We the public were already aware of the series of unprofessional, inappropriate text messages between Agent Strzok and Lisa Page expressing negative views of then candidate Donald Trump.  The Inspector ...

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