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President Trump Wants to be Impeached

Yes, you read that correctly – President Trump does want to be impeached.  Here is why.  Very early on in the Special Counsel Investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election, the President stated that if the investigation crossed into areas of his family or his business interests, that would be a “red line” for him.  At the time, some thought it was little more than bravado.  In retrospect, it was strong insight into the President’s mindset and he likely should have avoided such a statement.  President Trump has good reason not to want, or even allow, the Special Counsel Investigation to explore his family and international business dealings.  He would rather be impeached than have that specific information become public and especially for it to become part of a potentially criminal investigation.

Many insightful, credible commentators (political, economic, and business writers) have speculated that for decades the Trump business interests have been involved in questionable real estate transactions, business arrangements, and even money laundering for Russian and other international criminal enterprises.  It is highly likely that Trump family members and close advisors have criminal exposure in at least some of these transactions.  Thus, the President’s “red line” about looking into his family and businesses.  While he may go on the offensive with public statements about “witch hunts” and conspiracies, he knows better than anyone what occurred, and the potential consequences and he knows it is now matter of time before Special Counsel Mueller’s team knows.  And then it is too late for him.

Republican leaders have suggested the President would likely end his presidency, or at least create a Constitutional crisis of epic proportions, if he fires Special Counsel Mueller and most likely also Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  This means he seriously risks impeachment and removal from office if he does so.  The President obviously believes that if he is impeached for this, the investigation ends without further discovery of damaging evidence of criminal transactions.  Maybe he believes that would preclude charges as well.  In any case, what he knows is that he absolutely does not want any further discovery or even inquiry into his affairs (pun intended).

The President’s unhinged tirade Monday evening is further proof of his desperation to end the investigation at any cost.  While we have become too conditioned to receive daily doses of Trumpian dishonesty, his comments Monday were revealing.  First, he was meeting with the war cabinet on this incredibly serious issue of Syria and U.S. military options to respond to continued use of chemical weapons and barbarism by Assad against his own people.  Yet he could neither focus on the mission at hand nor control himself.  Despite being surrounded by military leaders assembled for this crucial, singular purpose, the President demeaned himself and those there to advise him on Syria by his completely off-topic tirade.  He then discussed the unlawful “break-in” of his attorney Michael Cohen’s office.  It was neither unlawful nor a break-in.  The FBI properly executed a search after going through the multi-step heightened review process required for an attorney’s office, which was done for concerns over evidence destruction by Cohen.  President Trump then blamed Robert Mueller.  This was not done by the Special Counsel or his team.  This was coordinated by the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York City working independently from the Special Counsel.  And of course, we then heard the familiar, but totally baseless claims of a Democratic conspiracy which are so easily disproven.  While there may be agents assigned to the investigation who vote Democratic, there will always be agents of varying political, legal, and other views on any investigation and that has no impact on their work.  The agents working this case have proven records of achievement.  More importantly, all of the directors and decision-makers are Republicans, most of whom were appointed by Donald Trump.  Trump appointed Attorney General Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein, and FBI Director Wray.  The judges approving the search warrants and FISA warrants are Republican appointees.  Robert Mueller is a lifelong loyal Republican with impeccable professionalism, dedication, and ability.  The only conspiracy is being conducted by Trump allies to cover up their impropriety.

President Trump sees the proverbial writing on the wall and knows it is now just a matter of time until incredibly embarrassing and likely incriminating evidence comes to light.  He knows that he and his children, as well as close advisors, may face serious jeopardy.  He knows his sham business empire will crumble.  And he would rather be impeached than let it all happen.  He will fire Robert Mueller, directly or through his agents, in a desperate attempt to stop the investigation from reaching its logical conclusion.  And he will risk impeachment to do it.

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