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The Booth Mar. 29, 2018 – Mike Smith (Brawl for it All 6)

The Booth Mar. 29, 2018: Mike Smith (Brawl for it All 6) – The Booth with Sinista1, Ken Diesel & R-Squared goes LIVE at 7PM!!! Brawl for it All 6 will feature Promoter Mike Smith against Johnny Leoncello as Mike Smith calls into “The Booth” to talk about this upcoming ...

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Will the Mustache be the Line in the Sand?

John Bolton, the man with one of the most famous mustaches in modern American politics, is perched to become President Trump’s 3rd National Security Advisor in 14 months.  This extremely powerful role is critical in terms of our national security and foreign policy.  This individual is often the first, last, ...

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No Thanks, GOP, Trump was not a Democrat

I can understand the cacophony of Republican politicians and pundits claiming Donald Trump was a Democrat while trying to distance themselves.  It makes sense they do not want the American people to associate Trump’s policy, performance, or behavior with Republicans.  That said, my sympathy and compassion only go so far.  ...

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Kurds and the Way

The recent events in Syria, situation in Iraq, and ongoing strain with Turkey provide another opportunity to review U.S. policy concerning the Kurdish people.  The Kurds are an ethnic minority living in regions bridging the Middle East, Iran, and the Caucasus.  Despite being Muslim, the Kurds have faced repeated repression ...

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In with “Lyin’” Out with a Lamb Victory

As of this morning, March 14, with only a few hundred provisional ballots left to count, it appears Democrat Conor Lamb has won the special election against Republican Rick Saccone to represent Pennsylvania’s 18th District in Congress.  Lamb’s victory is a big upset in a district where Republicans are so ...

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The Booth Mar. 06, 2018 – Top Rope Promotions’ Wrestler Nico Silva

The Booth Mar. 06, 2018: Top Rope Promotions’ Wrestler Nico Silva – Top Rope Promotions’ Nico Silva will be calling into “The Booth” to talk about his match against H20 Ryan Waters this Friday night at the Brockton VFW with a 7:30 PM Bell Time. #NicoSilva #H20RyanWaters #TopRopePromotions #Whoobazoo #TheBooth ...

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