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Trumpericans Giving False Credit for Softbank $50 Billion Deal

OMG Attention Trumpmericans….
PLEASE DO NOT give President Elect Trump credit for another deal that was already brokered and done before he was elected… Do you people really think these type of business deals happen “overnight” or “at the stoke of a pen” because someone got elected???
If you believe that then I would I have to say you are truly business naïve… NO company is going to fork over $50 billion on an investment without months and years of strategic and financial planning especially a company from Japan… CEOs in Japan are the best in the world when talking technology. There is a reason why they are at the top of the technology food chain…
This person who gave the quote that Trump has tweeted out has yet to confirm… Which I am waiting to hear because how many times has Trump tweeted a quote and the person has come back and said that “It was not what they said” or “He took their comment out of context”… Let’s see… It happened with the President of Mexico, it happened with the CEO and Union Leader of the Union at Carrier. He himself has admitted it himself many times after he won his campaign… So that isn’t all… Just as the Carrier deal let’s her both side since that $50 billion was already slated to come to the USA as part of a $100 billion Technology Program… The only thing Trump will be able to assist with is making sure the plants for the plants get built as said… So those 50,000 jobs were already coming…
Here is an updated piece from Fortune.com regarding the deal and the personal connection about President Elect Trump &  Softbank Group CEO Masayoshi Son…  So in this updated story SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son is a “Trump” Guy… Looks like he is working the media and helping Trump get “credibility” knowing that this money was already slated for the US, and here is cause for a bigger concern… It looks like the Sprint/T-Mobile merger that the Feds stopped in its tracks may now happen putting Sprint one step closer to cellphone domination since Sprint & T-Mobile own a lot of these smaller companies like Boost & Cricket.

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