Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

Like I said in the podcast, this episode in a way is more exciting than 100. I feel like a did a couple of weeks ago when my vehicle turn the odometer over. It is waiting for the next mile or in the case episode to come that makes it better. So what does Whoobazoo have to do with Oscar Mike Radio? Everything – What you are hearing now, was just an idea over two years ago.  This episode is a small way I can say thanks and the best is yet to come.

I met Keith over two years ago at the first Dale Dorman Media Day at Massasoit Community College. He was doing a break out session on podcasting and at the time Oscar Mike Radio was an idea for a AM/FM Radio show, not a podcast. That meeting changed everything. Keith thought the idea had merit and gave me some homework.

Anthony Arnold

I worked on the idea and when I did the first couple of shows both Keith and Anthony pointed out areas for improvement and some good habits to implement for podcasting. This is the biggest difference with what Whoobazoo does versus other podcast services. Now when I listen to one of my first 30 episodes and listen to the last 30 I can hear their advice pay off.

Keith and Anthony were doing podcasts before podcasting was even a term. So what they shared with me was all their experience and passion for content creation that I wouldn’t get from watching a YouTube creator.

99 Episodes into Oscar Mike Radio, I look back to when this was an idea and look forward to what is next. I listen to how Keith works his show, The Booth, and how Whoobazoo has evolved.

There are more podcast artists coming on board everyday and I love hearing and seeing their creative efforts. Here is to the next 99. Thanks guys

You can find out more by going to http://www.whoobazoo.com


Sinista1, Ken Diesel, and R-Squared all co host, The Booth on Whoobazoo

Episode 98 – Daisy the Strippa Dependa

Episode 98 – Daisy the Strippa Dependa

Episode 98 – Daisy the Strippa Dependa


The woman in the picture to the left is Daisy. I was all set to interview Sgt. Megan who was on Episode 80 – Sgt. Megan . However,  when I got the session going, I was surprised to hear Daisy’s voice. Daisy was profiled on Sgt. Megan’s Website . You can check out the video below. Well, to no one’s surprise the video got a lot of views and extreme reaction. I couldn’t believe it. This was an opportunity to see if I could talk to THE Strippa Dependa.

I had to adjust on the fly and get all Semper Gumby but I was pumped. It is not every day I get to talk with a person who got so many different reactions on a 4 minute video.

Long story short, love is a simple concept for Daisy. Men love her, and she loves their money. I could sit here for another 1000 words and get all in depth about it, but there it is. She has developed a way to assess men to see if they meet her requirements and then if everything works out she gets them focused on her. Once that happens, she works on their bank accounts until it is dry or until she has found another guy to keep her pre-occupied.

This was a different kind of podcast for me. I thought I knew it all when it came to Marines going to strip clubs, but in a way she took me to school and gave me a free education. She said there were others like her out there, so all I can say guys is you have all been warned. You might want to check out the women at Wednesday night prayer meeting and avoid strip clubs all together. Because just like Jody who is looking to hook up with your wife or girlfriend, Daisy is looking to see how think your wallet is.

Again, this was a lot of fun and thanks to Sgt. Megan and her crew for helping me pull this off. You can find out more by checking out Sgt. Megan’s links below. OMR is out.


Website and Social Media Links

Stay in the know by following Sgt. Megan on these links


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nOynz3dcqQ[/embedyt]

Episode 97 – New England 69th Irregulars

Episode 97 – New England 69th Irregulars

Episode 97 – Scott Libby – Founder of the New England 69th Irregulars’ Outdoor Adventure Group

Scott talking for the podcast

Scott Libby is a Navy Veteran from New Hampshire. I started talking with Scott about a year ago. He likes being outdoors and it was clear that he loves New Hampshire. We kept trying to meet up, but it never worked out until now. Now I was going to get to meet the founder of the Irregulars. Or, the New England 69th Irregulars’ Outdoor Adventure Group.

I had the opportunity to talk with him at White Lakes State Park in Tamworth, NH. It was a sunny day so I thought I would double down and ride my motorcycle up to meet him. It was a beautiful ride. I pulled into the campground, found his spot and said hello.

Scott looked liked something out of a LL Bean or EMS Catalog. The classic tour guide, outfitter, and expedition expert. His setup at the campsite was top notch.

We sat at the picnic table and started talking. Scott has this cool idea. There are many Veterans and Military people who are alone or want to socialize with other military types. Scott created this Outdoor Adventure Group to give Vets some experiences that would make for great memories. Memories that last longer than time at a bar.

Scott told me about riding ATVs. I had seen pictures of this thing below. I am calling it the Warthog. This thing is the ultimate off road SUV.

The point is there are all kinds of things that Scott is planning for us. If you are in the military or a veteran there will be something outside for someone looking for adventure if you are a member of this group. Check out the link below and join the group for a different kind of experience.

I this the Warthog. Scott’s side by side is bad to the max.


New England 69th Irregulars Facebook Group Site



Episode 96 – Heath Phillips – 49x

Episode 96 – Heath Phillips – 49x

Episode 96 – Heath Phillips – 49x

I had another podcast lined up for this week. However, I saw this story on the Washington Post website (He went AWOL after being sexually assaulted….) and felt this was more important in an age of #metoo and increased awareness around sexual assault. I decided to talk about Heath and his story and what I felt was a failure of leadership.

In 1988 Heath was 17 years old and serving on the USS Butte. It was on this ship that he started being sexually assaulted by 6 other male crew members. After filing a complaint 49 days in a row, Heath went AWOL. I couldn’t believe it either, he filed a complaint 49 straight times and nothing was done. Upon review of his case, he received a Other than Honorable Discharge, and was kicked out of the Navy.

Heath faced challenges from PTSD as a result of what happened to him, go into alcoholism and kept fighting to clear his name. Three times the Navy review board looked at his plea to upgrade his discharge to honorable, and three times he was denied.

30 years later, after the fourth time presenting his case to the Navy review board, Heath got the news last week that his discharge was upgraded to Honorable.

I still can’t get over how this happened. I don’t understand what the mind set was of the Captain of the USS Butte and other Petty Officers that allowed this to happen and did nothing to defend this Sailor. They aren’t fit to wear the uniform, much less call themselves Naval Officers.

Heath does talks across military installations advocating for those who have been a victim of sexual harassment and assault in the military. I am glad he kept fighting and did not give up or go into the abyss. There are some links below about Heath’s story and the Military’s SAPR Office.



Heath’s Story

Episode 95 – Jim Tough

Episode 95 – Jim Tough

Episode 95 – Jim Tough

Tough. All kinds of things come to mind when people hear that word. Built tough, mentally tough, physically tough are all phrases that make a person listen. This episode is about Jim Tough. In every way, Jim embodies toughness, and why I created Oscar Mike Radio.

I started getting interested in talking with Jim when I came across videos of this guy wearing an Army baseball cap doing pushups. He wasn’t just doing pushups for fun. He would start with this message of hope and empowerment for those who are/were, “Staring into the Abyss”. I never served in combat but there have been times when I could relate to that phrase.

I couldn’t look away from my screen. Here was a guy who didn’t have a fancy camera or microphone just talking with us, with all of us about finding hope in the darkness then doing 22 pushups to raise awareness. I believe that it is people like Jim Tough, who use something as common as a pushup, that can be a source of comfort for those fighting the darkness.

Jim and I talked and as I recorded, I allowed myself to not think of him as a guest on the show, but as a NCO who was taking time to give me some advice. He didn’t sugarcoat things or shift blame for situations in life. He kept making me feel that if  I didn’t give up and kept moving everything would be alright.

I got way more out of this podcast than Jim could ever know. You can find Jim on Facebook – Jim Tough on Facebook. He does pushups 5 days a week! In the last your he has done or 8300 pushups!!!!

While that is a great accomplishment, I want everyone to take the time to listen to his daily message. I have been following them for a while now, and it has become part of my daily routine.

A big shout out to Jim’s wife and children who were great during the recording. Jim says that his wife is a source of strength for him and he loves being a dad.  I can’t wait to have you back on brother.

Episode 94 – Jody Part 4 – Leo

Episode 94 – Jody Part 4 – Leo

This is a true story about how low a wife and Jody can go. However, the real story that is still unfolding is about baby Leo. Leo is the result of a wife’s hookup with a Jody.  In this case, the now ex – wife went to a new level of dirt bag low.

Marina Garcia was married to Steven Garcia. He is a Sgt in the Army doing military police work. While deployed to Seoul, Korea he found out he was going to be a father.

Marina delivered the baby in January 2018. She told him that his daughter died during childbirth. 10,000 miles away from home, Steven was devastated…… But, it was all a lie.

Marina was pregnant, Marina had a baby…, but it was a baby boy, not a girl. Also, it was not Steven’s child. As of this podcast and the Washington Post article, Marina could not or would not identify the father. The mother of this child tried to forge documents that would transfer this baby to a couple from Texas. During a routine traffic stop, the police started asking questions and realized something was wrong.

The investigation revealed that Marina was living with an Army Specialist while her husband was deployed overseas. Also, once Steven was made aware of the situation, a paternity test revealed that he was NOT the father.

The only silver lining is that Leo, who is in foster care, may have someone to fight for him. Steven Garcia is filing paperwork to adopt Leo. Steven was adopted and feels that he can give Leo a life he would not have in foster care. My personal feelings aside, I have nothing but respect for Sgt Garcia. My message to him would be that I support his choice and that he is a true hero. Thank you

As for Marina, I believe her fate is still being decided in the court system. It would be my desire to see an example made of her for doing this to a baby and her husband. Jody is real folks, and how messed up is it that this Army Specialist was living with another man’s wife while she was pregnant and married. This guy is a true blue falcon. I don’t think this could be made up…..

Washington Post Article by Kyle Swenson

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