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The 2019 Annual Threat Assessment – Its Donald Trump

     On January 29, 2019, an impressive array of defense and intelligence experts provided the annual U.S. Threat Assessment to the Senate.  These career professionals were loyal Republicans appointed by President Trump.  Nevertheless, in what was an unfortunately rare case of integrity among the Trump cabinet, to a person they ...

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2018 Year in Review

    The end of the year is always a great time to assess we where are in life.  What is going well and what do we need to change concerning professional life, personal life, families, etc.  Many people make promises, some to keep and some to fail.  What about the Government?  ...

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Syria – Trump’s Christmas Present to our Enemies

    On December 19, 2018, President Trump declared ISIS was defeated in Syria, that he defeated them, and that he was ordering the withdrawal of all U.S. military from Syria within 30 days. The President announced the major change via Twitter and released a video of him declaring victory in front of ...

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Syria – No Action was No Option

President Trump ordered a military strike against three targets in Syria on April 14, 2018.  The United Kingdom and France partnered in the strike, adding legitimacy to the decision as our European allies employ a much stricter standard for use of force and targeting decisions.  The strike was in response ...

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Kurds and the Way

The recent events in Syria, situation in Iraq, and ongoing strain with Turkey provide another opportunity to review U.S. policy concerning the Kurdish people.  The Kurds are an ethnic minority living in regions bridging the Middle East, Iran, and the Caucasus.  Despite being Muslim, the Kurds have faced repeated repression ...

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