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136 – Jody 2019

that's jody

I talked about Jody in 2018 a lot. In the military Jody is the guy who is with your wife or girlfriend while you are deployed. My series about this is to raise awareness about infidelity and the harmful after effects to men and military servicemembers. One of the statements ...

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Episode 113 – Jodie Part 6: Reverse Jody

Question of the Week I got asked if I am watching the NFL this year. I said no. I don’t even have cable anymore. In a complete reverse, I do not have a fantasy football team either. I don’t miss it, and I am not sure if NFL football could ...

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Episode 85 – Jodie Part 2 – The System

Jodie or the Family Court System SITUATION   Wes and I have found that there have been situations of blatant hostility toward fathers in the military. Since we are trying to avoid anecdotal evidence, I found the story of Naval Submariner Matthew Hindes. Judge Margaret Noe had threatened Matthew with ...

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Episode 81 – Series on Jody

Part One: Who is Jodie? Jodie, or Jody is a legendary figure for military men has been terrorizing servicemembers for years. You can click on this link — WayWord Radio – Jody to hear how this term came to be. I had been thinking about this for a while because ...

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