Episode 81 – Series on Jody

Episode 81 – Series on Jody

Part One: Who is Jodie?

Jodie, or Jody is a legendary figure for military men has been terrorizing servicemembers for years. You can click on this link — WayWord Radio – Jody to hear how this term came to be. I had been thinking about this for a while because a couple guys I know get really down during February. Also, in boot camp, some poor guy is getting his heart stomped on right now.

However, I was talking over this with my Marine Brother, Wesley Mullings, and he said, “What if Jody is Jodie?” What if Jody is a machine that can prevent fathers from seeing their kids. I thought about it about and said how about we do a series on this? Wes thought it over and here we go.

The one thing we want to make clear is this is not a monthly women bashing session. What we are looking at doing is offering support to Military and Veterans who are going through divorce, or are dealing with the battlefield that is family court. This goes for female service members too. If you are a female service member and are battling through this, we want to hear from you.

So who is Jody? For many guys it is the “other man”. The guy they got dumped for in boot camp. Jody is the guy that your kids call uncle or daddy when you get back from a Westpac Float. Oh yeah, smooth but unseen, he preys on unsuspecting wives and girlfriends while you are getting your ass kicked daily defending your country.

You find out Jody struck and your world comes to screeching halt. There are these feelings of rage, despair and helplessness. If you are a recruit in boot-camp it really sucks, but it happens in the fleet to active duty military all too often to ignore anymore.

Some of you may feel the need to do all kinds of things. Things that may seem like a good idea at the time, but in reality will make the situation worse.  Wes said it best, “Keep your cool.” You need to talk to someone and get some help. This Jody Series is designed to give you tools to win at life and in family court.


Episode 80 – #TeamDarrah

Episode 80 – #TeamDarrah

Episode 80 – Team Darrah

Mike and Shaun talking before the training session.

My producer, Sinista1 aka., Keith Hayes hits me up and says I want you to contact this guy who is fighting in a couple of weeks. Michael Darrah is an Army Airborne Ranger Veteran, and has a good story. TeamDarrah was getting ready for Brawl for it All, Saturday February 17th at the West Warwick Civic Center. Brawl for it All 5 – February 17th 2018. Family honor is at stake here, but also something more.

I got a hold of Michael and we set a meet. He wanted to introduce me to his instructor, Shaun Shubert. Shaun is the founder and owner of R.E.D S.E.A.L Martial Arts Company located in Lakeville, MA. (http://www.redsealma.com/). I like going mobile, so I was pumped to get there and check this all out.

The first thing I notice when I walk into Red Seal is there is not so much a wrapper on the floor of the gym. All the equipment is staged, cleaned up and ready to go. There are other places where I can’t say that at all. It tells me that the owner, and his students take care of gym.

Mike arrived and we said our hellos. I was looking forward to meeting him. I had been following some of his progress on Facebook and he wasn’t what I would consider the typical fighter. He had just started this, was in my age range, and time to prepare was short. My initial impression was changed when I watched Shaun put him through his paces. This was different than some TV shows I watched about fighting. There wasn’t any yelling or screaming, just a student and instructor working together. I got tired just watching him train. Mike is a beast! I think that he really lives the Army Ranger way….

After the session, Mike and Shaun sat down to give me some background on why Michael was fighting and Shaun’s approach to training students. There is a lot more to Michael’s story, and I hope to get to talk to him again. For now, check out the podcast, and take the drive to West Warrick Saturday February 17th.

If you are looking for a different type of fight training, then get with Shaun at Red Seal Martial Arts Company. He trains all ages and types of students. I can’t wait to see #TeamDarrah roll heavy. I kidded Michael about being in the Army, but we all know Rangers Lead the Way.


This is just the warm up……


155 Millennium Circle, Lakeville, MA 02347 – (774) 259-9258



Episode 79 – My Military Story Part 6

Episode 79 – My Military Story Part 6

Shout Out

Marantz Microphone


Shout to Erick in Minnesota who let me know how the new microphone setup is working out. It is microphone that is designed for voice over and podcasting. I connect to my Zoom H6, and I am excited that two episodes later I am not having to spend so much time messing around with my level in post.

Eventually, I will have the this connected to the ZOOM H6, and have it hooked directly to the PC. This will reduce the number of steps to take it from the Zoom to the PC for post production. I am glad I went with this setup.






Question of the Week

I was asked, “Did you watch the SuperBowl?” I did not. I wanted to watch the SuperBowl but I couldn’t bring myself to do it after what happened with AMVETS and the NFL rejecting their ad that asked people to #PleaseStand. If I want to watch football I think there are other options for me than the NFL


My Military Story – Part 6

I talked about first phase in boot camp. I remember drill, PT, drill, knowledge, PT, drill, knowledge, more PT and drill all the time.  First phase was all about getting used to military life, marching with a rifle and learning the basics.

I remember getting more shots in the first four weeks of boot camp than my entire life to that point. It is no wonder I loathe going to the doctor.

We were taught everything from how to shower and wash our clothes to rank structure and every part of my M16A2. Every minute of our lives was controlled and by 10 PM, we didn’t have any energy to get in trouble. All we wanted to do was sleep. First phase came and went, and one of the memories that came back to me was guys getting sent home for popping on their drug tests. Ouch…….. Talk to you all next week.


Episode 78 – #PleaseStand

Episode 78 – #PleaseStand

Episode 78 – #PleaseStand with John Hoellwarth

Public Relations Officer for AMVETS

All AMVETS asked was to #PleaseStand

I am going to say it right now. I wanted to watch the Super Bowl. I am not a Patriots or Eagles Fan, but I thought that the NFL realized what a mistake it was getting to this point so I was going to watch if for nothing else than to see what the NFL would do for the Star Spangled Banner. To see if the NFL Players and by extension our country could honor our flag and what it stood for without any disrespect or protest would be a good way to maybe start healing…..

Silly me….

January 23rd, The Washington Post reported that the NFL rejected a submission from AMVETS for their SuperBowl Program.

Washington Post Article – NFL Rejects AMVETS Super Bowl Ad

I couldn’t believe it. This story caught fire see the FoxNews Interview.

I couldn’t believe it. One name in the mix was John Hoellwarth. He is the National Director of Communications for AMVETS. He was the lead for the ad you see on the left.

I wanted to talk with him because he was close to this. Also when we started talking I thought it was cool that he served in the Marine Corps in Yuma, AZ right around the time I did.

Now you will hear about John’s experience in the Marine Corps and how this came together for the NFL ad. Once I really thought about what was done around AMVETS not getting to run their ad in the Super Bowl program, I decided that I would not be watching the SuperBowl. I have most likely watched my last NFL game. There are other options in sports that support our military and respect our flag.

I appreciated John talking with me and I am looking forward to him coming back on Oscar Mike Radio. He is a success story and I hope you enjoyed this podcast. As our time drew to a close I knew I wanted to make a statement.

I stand with AMVETS and our military. #PleaseStand




Episode 77 – Government Shutdown

Episode 77 – Government Shutdown

Episode 77 – Government Shutdown

The U.S. Government shut down over the last weekend. I wanted to learn and talk about what happens to the military when this happens. It is more than simply troops don’t paid. There are real consequences when the government is not paying troops. There is a great Military.com article that goes over the major areas that are impacted by a government shutdown. Military.com – How government shutdown would impact pay & benefits .

NOTE: The following is the article from Military.com, and are not my words. I used this because it summarizes the scope of the issue concisely.

                                                           Troop Pay

Although active duty troops and Guard and Reservists on active duty orders are expected to show-up for work during a shutdown, they will not get paid unless Congress passes a separate piece of legislation to do so. Such a bill was awaiting action from the House and Senate Saturday.

Without that legislation, known as the Pay Our Military Act, troops will receive partial paychecks Feb. 1 only for days worked prior to Jan. 20.

Troops Killed in Action

Newly bereaved family members would not receive the Pentagon’s $100,000 death gratuity during a shutdown or military-funded travel to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, or elsewhere for the dignified transfer or military funeral or memorial.

VA Disability Pay & GI BIll Benefits 

However, during the last shutdown in 2013, VA officials warned that if the closure extended beyond several weeks, disability checks were unlikely to go out to more than 5.1 million veterans.

Military Moves and Travel

Military families about to make a permanent change of station (PCS) move or troops preparing for temporary travel (TDY) have their travel on hold until after the shutdown, according to guidance issued by the Defense Department late Jan. 19.

Those who have already departed on military move orders can complete their move, according to the guidance. Those in the midst of TDY travel should return to their duty station, the guidance states

Medical Care on Base

While military hospitals and on base dental clinics will stay open for emergencies, inpatient care and acute care, all other types of care — including elective procedures and primary-care appointments — will be canceled until the shutdown is lifted.

On-Base Child Care

On-base military child care centers will stay open on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether they are seen as “essential.” Users should contact their specific Child Development Center (CDC) for details.

On-Base Schools

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools will stay open during a shutdown. However, all extracurricular activities, such as sporting events, will be canceled, the guidance says. On-base schools that are operated by local school districts are not be affected by a shutdown.


Stateside commissaries, however, will close by Tuesday night, officials said, while those outside the U.S. and in some rural locations will remain open since they are considered “essential.” Those include two stores in Guam, a store in Puerto Rico, and commissaries at Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport and Fort Irwin in California; Coast Guard Station Kodiak and Fort Greely in Alaska; and Dugway Proving Ground, Utah.

I think our congressmen forget that games they play involve real Americans, not pawns a chessboard……

Episode 76 – Power Breathing & Meditation Interview

Episode 76 – Power Breathing & Meditation Interview

Power Breathing & Meditation presented by Project Welcome Troops

This week I talked to JJ Bennet who is helping coordinate a Power Breath and Meditation Class by Project Welcome Home Troops.  PWHT has a class starting January 24th so I wanted to find out more. I am very interested in methods of healing that might be considered different or odd in this era of modern medicine.

I messaged JJ through Irreverent Warriors Boston (Irreverent Warriors Boston – Facebook Page) and setup a time to talk with him. He is a 8 year Navy Veteran who has done work with the VA. He also spends a lot of time working with Veterans just as a way to take of us. He told me about his experiences with Power Breath and why he feels it worked so well for him.

As JJ was talking I think what stood out most was that this was not a sale. This was his experience with using meditation and focused breathing to deal with everything from rush hour driving on Route 3 (Bostonians know what he is talking about) to grocery shopping. JJ spoke from someone who walks his talk. I found myself wondering how this would work for me.

If you look at the image below you will see that there is a class starting January 24th going through the 28th. The class will be hosted at the West Roxbury VA in the Barsamian Auditorium. This class if free to Veterans. You can reach out Chuck Foster at chuck.foster@pwht.org, or call him (978) 314-7052 for more information.

I am going to try to go and see what this is all about. It would be good to experience what JJ did and see what this can do for me.

FitzyMess Update

Good to see FitzyMess on FitzyMess Facebook Video this week. Check out his album, Welcome to the Infantry and Mess on all the usual places.