138 – Talk with Captain Tyo

138 – Talk with Captain Tyo

Tyo and Team

Captain Tyo w/ 402nd FST

Talk with a brother

I have known Mark Tyo for a long time. Mark has seen me at my worst and my best. I consider him more than just a friend. He is my brother. About 10 years ago, he told me he was going to join the Army. He wanted to take his skills as a nurse and work with a patient population that he considers the best in the world. These patients are servicemembers in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Mark joined the U.S. Army Reserves as an officer. He was assigned to the 402 Forward Service Team. Check out this article that goes into more depth with Captain Tyo’s unit. US Army Article about 402nd Forward Surgical Team

In movies, books and other places the Military Medical doesn’t get a lot of attention. It was interesting to hear Mark talk about the differences and similarities of practicing medicine in the civilian and military hospitals.

Talking with Mark was an honor. He has supported Oscar Mike Radio since day one. I thought back to when he started this journey that many people thought he was nuts for doing this at an age when most guys think doing the back nine after lunch is a major accomplishment.

I didn’t have any way to quantify what Mark has done in the Army for this podcast. There is no way to share with you how many lives he saved or helped save. All I know for sure is he was there when someone needed him. Captain Tyo was there for his team even when it didn’t matter. Last but not least, sure as sure, he has been there for me. Love you brother.

Mugzy Brady – Can’t Stop Us

You can listen to “Can’t Stop Us” by Mugzy Brady. He is a rapper and hip hop artist from Australia. Mugzy was on #128. I am dropping his track, “Can’t Stop Us”, at the end of this podcast. Go to https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMugzy/ 

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tyo and team
137 – Jody and a Bad Love Triangle

137 – Jody and a Bad Love Triangle

I read the following article in the New York Post, and shook my head. Army Sgt Tyrone Hassel III was murdered in cold blood by his wife’s affair partner. All three people were serving in the Army when this happened.


This kind of story really cuts me deep. The reason this man was killed is so his wife and her lover could collect the death benefit and continue the affair. This is the worst kind of triangle. Except it is not a triangle, is it?

I am constantly told that this kind of thing doesn’t happen. That stories of Jody, wives being scumbags and girlfriends being anything but, is just fantasy. There is no way that a wife would cheat on her husband who is serving his country, is there?

The answer is yes, and it happens all the time. Except this Jody took it to the extreme and executed Sgt Hassel III. As I read the article for the fourth time I wondered what it took in this Jody’s mind to request and get leave approved knowing the real reason. Then to travel to Sgt. Hassel III’s hometown, stalk him and then kill him in cold blood. All on his lover’s request as Sgt. Hassel III is spending time with his family and his one year old child.

Love triangles in the military ususally mean that by the time the servicemember figures out what is going on they are on the other side of the world. It isn’t fun watching a person try to pick up the pieces of their broken heart 3000 miles from home.

Again, I got really, really upset reading this story. I asked myself how wide spread is this in the military. How many times has this happened outside the military? This story hit close to home, I had difficult time finding any objectivity or emotional detachment for this podcast. I am going to continue to speak up and out for people affected by Jody.

Last update I have at this time comes from patch.com. The trial for the wife and her affair partner will begin April 30th.


My heart goes out the Hassel family. I haven’t met or talked to anyone from the Hassel family, but they should know that I won’t let their son be forgotten.

Obituary for Sergeant Tyrone Hassel III – Rest in Peace 


hassel III Triangle
136 – Jody 2019

136 – Jody 2019

I talked about Jody in 2018 a lot. In the military Jody is the guy who is with your wife or girlfriend while you are deployed. My series about this is to raise awareness about infidelity and the harmful after effects to men and military servicemembers.

One of the statements made to me about this series was I used hearsay and anecdotal evidence to produce these podcasts. That is simply not the case. Every podcast link you can follow below is based on fact and substantiated stories that actually happened. This is important to note. It is easy to chuckle or laugh when you hear about this kind of situation. It is not funny.

When something like this happens in the military, the effects are felt outside the spouse/significant other involved. Dealing with divorce and the family court system can have a negative impact on unit cohesion.

In 2019, I am going to look at more data for how divorce affects the servicemember. Also there are stories that prove the old saying that, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

The most important thing to remember is that this storm in your life will pass. If you surround yourself with great people, form a good plan, and follow it, you can rebuild yourself. This series is really about living your best life even if Jody is not going away.

If you disagree with anything you are reading, or have a story you want to share, reach out to me and we will talk about your situation.

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135 – My Military Story Part 7 – Don’t UNC on the Range

135 – My Military Story Part 7 – Don’t UNC on the Range

It is kind of funny it has been a year since I did a part of my military story. I will tell anyone that in the larger scheme of things my Marine Corps time was brief and unremarkable. However, this is my story and I like being able to tell it. You can get caught up by listening to Part 6 below.

Mugzy Brady – Can’t Stop Us

You can listen to “Can’t Stop Us” by Mugzy Brady. He is a rapper and hip hop artist from Australia. Mugzy was on #128. I am dropping his track, “Can’t Stop Us”, at the end of this podcast. Go to https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMugzy/ 

134 – Bill Moore – Project New Hope

134 – Bill Moore – Project New Hope

LiveCast at Project New Hope

Bill reached out to me on Facebook Messenger about coming on Oscar Mike Radio. He asked me if I would come out and talk to him at his headquarters in Worcester, MA. I headed up on cold morning in February and found the office pretty easily.

I met Bill and said introduced myself. The first thing that stood out were all the coats and toys in his office. He explained that they were a donation from UNUM Insurance Company https://www.unum.com/ and would be given to children of Veterans in need.

Bill got a laugh out of me with some good natured ribbing about me being a Marine. I had learned about Bill’s Air Force Career and gained a massive amount of respect for what he did when he served.

We moved the conversation to how Bill got Project New Hope off the ground. There is this desire that Bill has to serve and be of service. Meeting the other volunteers who popped in and out to work the mission was one of the highlights of the day.

There is also a Project New Hope Office in Westfield, MA. By car is it 60 miles one way to Westfield. That is a lot of ground to cover for any non profit organization. Bill and his team are committed to Veterans and I was glad to make the trip to meet everyone. A big shout out to BOSE for supplying headphones to troops. Thanks for my pair Bill, they sounded great!

Project New Hope – Retreat

Bill talked about this upcoming retreat in March. This is an Alcohol and Drug Recovery Retreat designed to help Veterans struggling with addiction. Go to – https://www.projectnewhopema.org/retreat/alcohol-and-drug-recovery-retreat/ to find out more and register.

133 – Becky Tough – A Soldier’s Kit

133 – Becky Tough – A Soldier’s Kit

Kit can mean many things in the military. You have mess kit, med kit, your “kit” which in the U.S. Military means your issue. There is now, courtesy of Tough Wellness, a Soldier’s Kit.

Becky was on Oscar Mike Radio for #125, and I quickly discovered that I could not discuss all the aspects of essential oils with her on one podcast.

I asked Becky about the need for the Soldier’s Kit. Becky said the she and her husband Jim saw a need among soldiers who were dealing with a wide variety of emotions from anger, to stress, and sadness.  Becky and Jim created this kit as a way to offer more natural approach to dealing with their emotions in conjunction with other coping tools like prayer, meditation, and therapy. 

Becky has told me from day one that essential oils are not the silver bullet to all one’s problems. She is very clear that wellness means that someone has to look at things like diet, exercise, prayer and meditation to take care of the whole person.

Each oil in the kit address a different need and can be used together or separately. One of the key things Becky emphasized was buying quality oils. Young Living Essential Oils produce a quality oil with no added fillers or chemicals. So while you pay a bit more, you don’t have worry that you are using snake oil. (Pun intended).

So I am waiting for my Thieves Household cleaner to arrive. When it does, I will do a livecast review of how it compares to Windex. I have read that many people like it. If this works, out I will start using more products like this. Stay tuned!

Go to Becky’s Facebook Page to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/Toughwellness .

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, these products are not

intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.