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180 – Shaun Schubert – Red Seal Martial Arts

Shaun Schubert is the founder and CEO Red Seal Martial Arts. He has been on Oscar Mike Radio before and has a way for Veterans to stay in the fight. Shaun has been involved with martial arts almost his entire life. I believe Veterans need to understand that there is a physical transition out of the military as well. Shaun addresses this in the interview.

We had been talking before this podcast and Shaun expressed a desire to work with me and Veterans amongst other things. I am pleased to announce that Shaun Schubert is Oscar Mike Radio’s third sponsor! You will start seeing Shaun and I doing a lot in 2020 and beyond. I am humbled for all the support and looking forward to the future.

Red Seal Martial Arts Information

Red Seal Martial Arts 155 Millennium Cir Lakeville, Massachusetts (774) 259-9258 Website: www.redsealma.com

Literally built with sweat and blood

As always, I am thankful to my other two sponsors Joyce Asack of Asack Real Estate (http://www.asackrealestate.com/) and Mark Holmes of Reaper Detailing and Powerwashing (https://www.facebook.com/reapersdetai…) for their support of America’s Military and Veterans. If you watch the video and like the new logo check out Vet Unite on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VetUnite/). Mike Damon is doing great things!

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