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167 – Danielle Rocco – Devoted to Soldier

I had the pleasure of talking with Danielle Rocco remote and on location. She is a Marine Mom, transformation coach, speaker and now author of, “Devoted to a Soldier.” She talked with me about her work with Veterans Advocacy.

The question has to be what hasn’t Danielle done? Professional ballerina, business owner, author, filmmaker, coach and now Veterans Advocate, Danielle believes anyone can make positive change in their lives at anytime.

Devoted to a Soldier is about develop strong relationships. The strongest being with one’s self. As I listened to Danielle talk about this during our time, I felt that I was on that path. Getting reminded of what I need to do daily was coaching at its best.

You can go to Danielle’s website – https://devotedtoasoldier.com/ to learn more about her documentary and Veteran’s Advocacy work.

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