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Episode 94 – Jody Part 4 – Leo

This is a true story about how low a wife and Jody can go. However, the real story that is still unfolding is about baby Leo. Leo is the result of a wife’s hookup with a Jody.  In this case, the now ex – wife went to a new level of dirt bag low.

Marina Garcia was married to Steven Garcia. He is a Sgt in the Army doing military police work. While deployed to Seoul, Korea he found out he was going to be a father.

Marina delivered the baby in January 2018. She told him that his daughter died during childbirth. 10,000 miles away from home, Steven was devastated…… But, it was all a lie.

Marina was pregnant, Marina had a baby…, but it was a baby boy, not a girl. Also, it was not Steven’s child. As of this podcast and the Washington Post article, Marina could not or would not identify the father. The mother of this child tried to forge documents that would transfer this baby to a couple from Texas. During a routine traffic stop, the police started asking questions and realized something was wrong.

The investigation revealed that Marina was living with an Army Specialist while her husband was deployed overseas. Also, once Steven was made aware of the situation, a paternity test revealed that he was NOT the father.

The only silver lining is that Leo, who is in foster care, may have someone to fight for him. Steven Garcia is filing paperwork to adopt Leo. Steven was adopted and feels that he can give Leo a life he would not have in foster care. My personal feelings aside, I have nothing but respect for Sgt Garcia. My message to him would be that I support his choice and that he is a true hero. Thank you

As for Marina, I believe her fate is still being decided in the court system. It would be my desire to see an example made of her for doing this to a baby and her husband. Jody is real folks, and how messed up is it that this Army Specialist was living with another man’s wife while she was pregnant and married. This guy is a true blue falcon. I don’t think this could be made up…..

Washington Post Article by Kyle Swenson

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