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Episode 82 – #teamdarrah – Post Fight Interview

Getting ready for the fight

So if you have been checking on the #teamdarrah Facebook Page – Team Darrah, you know that Michael did not win his first bout. We all had wanted to do a post fight interview because of how big this Brawl for it All 5 match had become.

I met Mike at Red Seal Martial Arts Co., and we sat down to talk. You can hear Shaun training another fighter in the background for the first half of the podcast. Mike looked good, relaxed even. So I wanted to get his thoughts on the fight, what was happening, and the future.

Mike thought he gave a good account of himself. I have said and wrote it, Mike lost, but was not beaten. It seemed like he understood that for his first fight he did about as well as he could. I looked at Michael and thought he was hungrier now than before the fight. He had no doubt about what he needed to do to improve his game. I think it is Army Ranger in him, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Shaun Schubert, Mike’s coach, joined us and began to educate me as to how Mike did in his first fight. Shaun told me how the amount of time to prepare, Mike’s fight experience, and understanding of the rules were significant challenges to overcome. Shaun was clear that one of the most impressive aspects of Mike’s debut fight was that at no time did he quit.

Shaun talked about his “Rule of One” approach to training Michael and other fighters. There is no cookie cutter that Shaun uses to coach fighters, and I liked how he explained it to me.

The next thing for #teamdarrah is getting ready for Brawl for it All 6 in June. Michael hasn’t taken any time to feel sorry for himself. He had some pizza and has gotten right back on the training horse. Several people have stepped up to sponsor Michael (See list below). Many of these people are Veterans themselves, so it makes sense to check them out and support them because they support their own.

Everyone who watched Mike fight was proud of him and I am honored to get to tell this part of his story. Rangers Lead the Way


From Team Darrah FaceBook Page – Chad (L) & Mike (R)


Team Darrah would like to thank the following people and sponsors

Shaun Schubert – Owner of Red Seal Martial Arts Company and Michael’s Coach – http://www.redsealma.com/

Mike Smith & Dennis Smith – Owners of Shed When I’m Dead Beard Balm – Shed When I’m Dead Beard Balm Facebook Page

363 Rule Clothing – Instagram – @363rule

Ryan Iverson – Owner of Iverson Masonry and Plowing – Brockton, MA

Rich Decotis & Nick Medis – Owners of Lifestyle Vape – http://www.lifestylevapeinc.com/

Robert Gillman & Angelo Padula – Owners of UnWine’d Beer and Wine Lounge – Unwine’d Beer and Wine Facebook Page






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