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Episode 81 – Series on Jody

Part One: Who is Jodie? Jodie, or Jody is a legendary figure for military men has been terrorizing servicemembers for years. You can click on this link — WayWord Radio – Jody to hear how this term came to be. I had been thinking about this for a while because ...

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Darrah the LionHunter – Lost but not Beaten

Saturday was go time for Michael Darrah. The Soldier, Army Ranger, husband and father said he was going to step into a ring having never done it before. He did. I went to Warwick last night to check out Brawl for it All 5. There is some who would say ...

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Episode 80 – #TeamDarrah

Episode 80 – Team Darrah My producer, Sinista1 aka., Keith Hayes hits me up and says I want you to contact this guy who is fighting in a couple of weeks. Michael Darrah is an Army Airborne Ranger Veteran, and has a good story. TeamDarrah was getting ready for Brawl ...

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Episode 79 – My Military Story Part 6

Shout Out   Shout to Erick in Minnesota who let me know how the new microphone setup is working out. It is microphone that is designed for voice over and podcasting. I connect to my Zoom H6, and I am excited that two episodes later I am not having to ...

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Episode 78 – #PleaseStand

Episode 78 – #PleaseStand with John Hoellwarth Public Relations Officer for AMVETS I am going to say it right now. I wanted to watch the Super Bowl. I am not a Patriots or Eagles Fan, but I thought that the NFL realized what a mistake it was getting to this ...

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