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Episode 70 – Homeless Marine Hero

Question of the Week


What did I think of the North Korea Defector? Lots of questions have been asked about the North Korean Defector who made his way to South Korea. After reading about his condition when they examined the soldier, I believe that winning a military conflict would not be a problem. However, the soldier’s condition would lead me believe that any kind of military strike would result in a humanitarian crises that would be historic. It is possible that given time, the North Korean government will collapse on itself


The Word

Johnny Bobbit Jr. working as a flight paramedic before he was homeless.

Just wanted give a big shout out to Marine Veteran Johnny Bobbit Jr. He is not related to John W. Bobbit of more infamous notoriety.

It was cool to see this story take shape around Thanksgiving. Kate McClure ran out of gas, and Johnny Bobbit Jr. used his last $20.00 to fuel up her car.

What happened next was nothing sort of amazing. Kate McClure was so moved by this gesture that she started a Go Fund Me Page for Johnny (https://www.gofundme.com/hvv4r-paying-it-forward). All she wanted to do is give him a hand up to get restarted in life. Kate had a goal of $10,000.00, and as of this writing there is over $370,000.00!

According to an ABC News Story (http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/homeless-veteran-received-360k-now-pay-forward-thing/story?id=51377241) all Johnny wants is a place to live and a used truck. He wants to give back to other Veterans who are less fortunate than him. This Marine gets a big Semper Fi!

The Complaint Department

The Complaint Department had a beef with pre-96 safety briefs that took place across military installations. Officers and Staff NCOs drone on about being careful. Well they have had enough of being treated like kids…… I pointed out that sometimes we act like kids….







Upcoming Events

Putting a big shout out for Just Checking In Facebook Page – They are putting on Operation Wreaths for Veterans this year. Just Checking In will put wreaths on Veteran’s Tombstones in Melrose Cemetery in Brockton, MA. This event will take place Friday, December 8, 2017 9 AM.

Just Checking In Twitter Page


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