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Episode 64 – Fourth Phase Marine Corps Boot Camp

Question of the Week 

Rocket Man and Yours Truly

What did I think of the Danny V Run? Daniel Vasselian, a Marine, was killed in Afghanistan. For the last four years there has been a motorcycle run to support the Danny V Foundation (https://www.dannyvfund.org/) The Fourth Annual Danny V Motorcycle Run was held at the Brockton VFW Post 1046 and there were more motorcycles there than I could count.

I typically don’t do motorcycle runs of any kind. In fact this is the second one I have been on in my entire life, the first was the 3rd Annual Danny V run that started out of the Whitman VFW. I am not really wild about riding around that many motorcycles. My feelings kind of fade when I see us all standing for the Star Spangled Banner and here all the bikes start up. I have taken my son both times and he has had a blast. I do this run because he was local, and I heard his wife speak at the Mass Fallen Heroes Event. I will be riding next year in his memory.

The Word

Photo by: Lance Cpl. Dorian Gardner
Submitting Unit: MCRD San Diego
Photo Date:04/08/2005

It is a official – There will be a 4th Phase of Marine Corps Boot Camp. The Marine Corps Times gave out the full report you can read here (Marine Corps Times 4th Phase Article). The idea is to give new Marines the opportunity to transition from Recruits to Marines before they head to the fleet. I don’t know how it is now, but it was difficult to change gears when I started out. This change came about as a result of the hazing incidents and nude photo sharing scandal which rocked the Marine Corps.

I guess change is constant, and yes some of the old salts complained, but maybe this is a start to a new leaf in what has been a bad year for Marine Corps in terms of terrible actions by some Marines. I feel that the old cliché is true. Actions of one reflects on us all, and sometimes it isn’t pretty.

Marine Corps Boot camp is the longest in the world at 13 weeks plus 5 weeks of MCT (Marine Combat Training) This is all before a Marine goes to MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) School so this was significant to do, but better than doing nothing.

The Marine Corps Office and Staff NCO Leadership felt this would allow for a better adjustment into Fleet life than what was going on before. I have heard the complaints, but I can’t fault people for trying. Time will tell if this is effective.

The Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT weighed in on the King Stallion Helicopter. The King Stallion is the new Heavy – Lift Helicopter that will replace the CH-53 Sea Stallion and be designated the CH-53K. Once again cost is a factor as the initial cost will be well over 100 Million Dollars for each helicopter. This is explained more in this article TheDrive.com – CH-53 King Stallion Royal Cost.

GRUNT pointed out that Marines need better equipment on the ground and we still need to replace the M4 and M9.

I certainly have to agree to a point, but the fact is almost everything in Marine Corps Aviation is old, dare I say ancient in aviation years.

I read the specs on this helicopter and see that it is a clear upgrade to the CH-53E Sea Stallion. Being able to move equipment and troops effectively is key to winning battles. Just don’t forget the Marine Rifleman on the ground.

15th Annual Leave No One Behind Gala

I love what the New England Center and Home for Veterans does in the Greater Boston Area. They serve a disadvantaged veteran population and they have had many successes throughout the years. Go to http://nechv.org/ to find out more about what they do. Also there is still room at the event on November Ist, get a seat at a table and see how this organization helps to change lives.

A great organization that does a lot for Veterans.




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