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Episode 65 – My Military Story Part 5 – Yellow Footprints

I talk this week about getting to MCRD San Diego and my first 48 hours there. It was my first real taste of sleep deprivation and that feeling of what – in – the – world was I thinkin about when I decided to do this. When I think about ...

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Anniversary of Beirut Bombing

I was 11 when this happened. I don’t remember much to tell you the truth. I read about it in school, and the bombing was covered in detail when I was in boot camp. A large truck carrying a bomb ran into a command center in Beirut, Lebanon killed over ...

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Episode 64 – Fourth Phase Marine Corps Boot Camp

Question of the Week  What did I think of the Danny V Run? Daniel Vasselian, a Marine, was killed in Afghanistan. For the last four years there has been a motorcycle run to support the Danny V Foundation (https://www.dannyvfund.org/) The Fourth Annual Danny V Motorcycle Run was held at the ...

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Episode 63 – Sgt Toasty and Boomer

Toasty and I were in my truck talking when we did this podcast. We are Marines, so being mobile is all part of our game. Whether it is fighting, podcasting, or having a good time, we can do it all anywhere 24x7x365. I would like give a little background story ...

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Episode 62 – Mistress Carrie – Veterans Advocate & WAAF Radio DJ

I started listening to WAAF and Mistress Carrie when I moved to Boston in 1999. I don’t know a lot of female radio personalities and I always liked her unapologetic, high energy style on the radio. I follow her on facebook and this whole episode started with the picture on ...

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Episode 61 – Janet Woods, Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is something I wouldn’t normally associate with Veterans. However, every now and then I meet someone who can change your mind about the power of healing. I met Janet Woods a couple of years ago and started getting curious about Reiki Healing. According to Reiki.org, Reiki is a Japanese ...

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