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Episode 50 – Fitzy Mess: Born in a Bar

WARNING!!! This episode contains language that Marines use when talking to each other. If you don’t like profanity and twisted humor then take your headphones off and walk away now. You have been warned. Otherwise, welcome to Episode 50 of Oscar Mike Radio. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So my producer, Sinista1, hits me ...

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Episode 49 – USS Fitzgerald

Question of the Week I was asked about what one can do to start helping Veterans. There are plenty of places to start locally. Places that need your energy, ideas, and muscle to advocate for Veterans.   The Word I spent this episode trying to get my head around how ...

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Episode 48 – Reality Loser

Question of the Week What do you think about Trump calling out NATO? I get why this is being asked, but to answer this would take more space than I have here. I have looked at this and others have done a lot of research on this and in a ...

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Episode 47 – Terrorism in London

Question of the Week How was D-Day: Over Normandy? I was asked that question after seeing the world premiere in Providence, RI. All I can say is Tim Gray and WWII Foundation have created something that touches people. As many of our WWII Veterans are dying off, it is important ...

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June 6th 1944 – D-Day: 73rd Anniversary

I looked at that image and tried to wrap my head around it. More Americans died on June 6th than in the Afghanistan over 10 years. I don’t know what else I can add to what has been already said, written and filmed about D-Day. I do know that without D-Day ...

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Episode 46 – My Military Story Part 1

22 years ago I was in first phase at MCRD San Diego. I realized I hadn’t really talked about my military story as it were. So  I wanted to start telling my story over the coming months. I was working at a car dealership and realized my life had it ...

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