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Episode 45 – Interview with Tim Gray: D-Day over Normandy

For Episode 45 I had the honor of interviewing Tim Gray who the President and CEO of Tim Gray Media. Tim has many years experience in television and film.               Tim is a two-time New England Emmy Award winning producer and writer. He started ...

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Episode 44 – My First Rant about Stolen Valor

Question of the Week   The question of the week came from one of my kid’s friends. “Did you like your Camo Uniform.” As a matter of fact, I did. We were tough on our cammies, and I never had a complaint. All I had to do was wash in ...

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Episode 43 Justice for Huey Part 2 – Interview with Mason Crosslin

This week’s episode is an interview with Mason Crosslin from Justice for Huey. Justice for Huey was created to respond the shooting death of Huey, a two year old pitbull. Huey was killed by Mariana Rollins, an Army Veteran with PTSD and other illnesses, who committed suicide last week. We didn’t talk ...

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Episode 42 – Justice for Huey – Part 1

Episode 42 – Justice for Huey – Part 1 Question of the Week How do I feel about Memorial Day? I know some military and veterans get frustrated that more emphasis isn’t placed on the why of Memorial Day. I do Memorial Day by having a cigar and thinking about those who paid ...

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