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Episode 37 – War Memorial Foundation

Question of the Week

The Question of the Week for Episode 37 comes from Craig P in Brockton, MA. He said, “Michelle Dubois compares stress of being illegal to PTSD! Talk about disrespecting veterans who suffer from a real issue. What do you think of that?” Michelle Dubois went on record to warn illegal aliens about ICE raids and was criticized for it. Craig, I hope I answered your question. This politician has no idea what she is talking about.

The Word

Steven Jones from the War Memorial Foundation asked me to pass this message along in Episode 37. I am working to get him on the show.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope this finds you and yours well. We here at the War Memorial Foundation Inc. appeal to your sense of patriotism one more time. We have recently embarked on a new fund raising campaign to make the two proposed War Monuments a reality. Remember, these same war monuments were turned down by Americas Home Town Plymouth. Now for the state of Massachusetts to show resistance or indifference would be even more tragic. So if you could please in your spare time using any and all media at your disposal to help promote, fund and pass along this information. The men and women who proudly served in the last four wars are hoping that you do so. I do this not for me but for us and most certainly them. Thank you for time and efforts toward this honorable endeavor. Sincerely, Steven J. Jones and the War Memorial Foundation Inc.’

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