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Episode 41 – 2nd Annual Dale Dorman Media Conference

Question of the Week I have many people asking me about women signing up for selective service, or the draft. My position is simple. We all have been told for years that men and women are equal and in some cases women can do everything better than men. If that is truly ...

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Episode 40 – A Millenial’s Perspective

This is episode 40. In many ways it was challenging and rewarding at the same time. A couple of things for this week’s episode. First, I want to thank Kip Clark from the Podcast Stride and Saunter for coming on Oscar Mike Radio. You can check his podcast here —http://www.strideandsaunter.com/ Kip ...

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South Shore News and Views – Wild Hearts Horses for Heroes

I had the privilege of being able to guest host last Wednesday on South Shore News and Views. The program airs on WVBF AM 1530. SSN&Vs is hosted by Jack White, Murray Vetstein and Bob Wisgirda.  You could say this program is where I got my real start in radio. ...

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Episode 39 – The Fighting Sullivans

Question of the Week I was asked about Syria and what President Trump did. Well, the truth is I am still trying to figure out where the “red line” is that President Obama talked about. In short, I need to educate myself on what is actually going on. I will ...

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Episode 38 – Vomiting Professor from Drexel University

Question of the Week I was asked about my sound. People have been asking about my sound and why I sound different. Simply put, I invested in some equipment this year. I got a ZoomH6. Check it out here – ZoomH6 Webpage. This unit has changed the way I record ...

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Episode 37 – War Memorial Foundation

Question of the Week The Question of the Week for Episode 37 comes from Craig P in Brockton, MA. He said, “Michelle Dubois compares stress of being illegal to PTSD! Talk about disrespecting veterans who suffer from a real issue. What do you think of that?” Michelle Dubois went on ...

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