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Technical Sergeant Tim Montjoy

Congratualtions to Tim Montjoy

I got to talk to Tim Montjoy recently and he is coming on Oscar Mike Radio in February 2017. I wanted to say congratulations on his retirement from the Air Force on November 30th. Tim joined the Air Force in 1996 in client systems and has been deployed worldwide several times throughout his career.

December 2nd, 2016 Tim was named #veteranofthesday by the VA Link to Tim Montjoy #veteranoftheday.

On December 3rd Tim was honored by the Charlotte Hornets as the Yellow Ribbon Award Recipient. Charlotte Hornets – Honoring Tim Montjoy

I am interested in getting to talk to Tim about Operation Teammate – Operation Teammate – “Operation Teammate in Augusta, Georgia, is a children’s focused organization engaged in teaming up the sons and daughters of all branches of the military, Veteran Wounded Warriors, and a variety of first responders. We give these children a memorable team experience by pairing them with sports teams who make them honorary members during that time of separation.”

Operation Teammate at the Charlotte Hornets event April 2016

Operation Teammate at the Charlotte Hornets event April 2016

Tim is kind of person I want to support on Oscar Mike Radio. The fact that he saw a need and worked to meet it shows that he has those qualities we have in our mind when we talk about veterans in the community.

As Tim transitions into civilian life, it is clear he will be busy meeting the needs of families across the United States. On behalf of Whoobazoo.com and Oscar Mike Radio, we wish you success in your next chapter of life.

Travis Partington, Oscar Mike Radio

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