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OMR Episode 4: POG?

Ok this episode has marks some firsts. Episode 4 is the first episode to be streamed first on Whoobazoo.com/radio.

It is also the first episode that I used Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to promo. I am getting better at using all these things. I’m still not hip according to my kids, but I am getting close.

Question of the Week

I got asked what a POG was. I explained that it is anyone who is not a grunt.

Main Story

I talked about the Whitman, MA police officer who stole money from disabled veterans. I asked that if you have a loved one who is a disabled vet and you think they may be getting taken advantage of to sound the alarm. Better safe than sorry.

MA Attorney General Statement

Whitman Wicked Local News

POG  & GRUNT Complaint Company

GRUNT was upset about how “easy” boot camp is now days. Does he have a point?

Unit Shout Out

I gave a huge shout out to Guardian Overwatch HQ. Guardian Overwatch HQ Website.

I am interviewing Founder and CEO Brandon Koutalidis for Episode 5. You won’t want to miss hearing about the good work this organization does.

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