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Oscar Mike Radio – What is the Mission?

I had this idea to create a place for active military service members, veterans, and non veterans to meet and share ideas on how to be there for each other.

I served in the Marine Corps in the late 1990s, got out, and moved on with my life. I started getting involved with some local veteran organizations and realized that there are many stories and efforts happening every day that need to be told.

I looked at different ways to do this and settled on using a podcast/internet radio format to do this. The first podcast will be up this week. I will post how to access it when it is finished.

Oscar Mike Radio is my way of giving a place for people who, regardless of the branch service, a way to have their voice heard.

It will take time for me to get this all dialed in, but to delay launching any longer would not accomplish anything. There will be updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and I am looking at Snapchat as well.

To all those who have supported this so far, thank you and Semper Fidelis.

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