How It Works / FAQ's

The Low Down...

The Basic Stuff

We get asked the question all the time… “What is Whoobazoo?” Well the truth is… It’s a lot of things.  But most importantly, it’s a community. Our members have access to tools for podcasting, live broadcasting and a host of other cool stuff.  We are always changing and adding features… so if you have an idea, drop us a line and we’ll hear you out.

We are a grassroots organization that started out with a few friends trying to build an internet radio station.  We have no corporate funding or venture capital investment.  We built whoobazoo from the ground up with blood, sweat and tears… well more accurately… a couple computers, a lot of trial and error and whatever tools we could find to make it all work.

So here is a list of some frequently asked questions… if you are curious about something not on the list, just use the contact form and we will get back to you.  Thanks for stopping by.


What is Whoobazoo
We are a community of producers, artists, musicians… you name it. We welcome everyone to join our world and lend another voice to the chaos. We provide a platform for blogging, pod-casting, live radio broadcasting and indie promotion. Shoot us an email with any questions and look around, find something you love and create something others will love!
How Does it all Work?

Well… That seems to be a big question. We used to offer free sites and all kinds of stuff… but we don’t anymore. Not to sound elitist… but we learned that it is better to spend our time focused on people that mean business.  We don’t care how big or small you are now… what we care about is how serious you are about what you do.  Hobbyists have plenty of outlets to talk to themselves “over the air.” We want people who are serious… want to grow… and have something worthwhile to say.  Start a conversation with us and we will show you where you can go.

We support the development of new pod-casts and provide support and CDN services, marketing, brand building, site development and promotion. If you already have an audience and want to be part of the community, we offer transferal assistance and can consult as to CDN and delivery networks as well as monetization services. If you want to go all the way and Broadcast live… we offer a range of services to help set you up in the real world. No matter what your level of experience… as long as you have heart and drive… we can help you go farther as part of the Whoobazoo Network

Who Are You Guys?
We are a group of friends who started with the idea of doing indie radio shows. We wanted to help others do the same. We love music, sports, movies, politics… whatever. What we really love is people… especially people who get out there and make some noise. We have dragged ourselves through the world of ups and downs for the past three decades living and breathing the grit and grime that is the world. We aren’t scared of anything, sometimes we drink too much… BUT WE ALWAYS HAVE A GREAT TIME. The world is a fantastic place, love it for what it is.
Does it Cost Money?
Yes… every service worth having costs money.  In fact we are quite a bit more expensive than our perceived “close competitors.”  However, that is only because we choose to exist outside of that space.  We are a PR firm, marketing agency, design firm, radio producer, social media guru and enigmatic bad-ass all rolled into one.  We want people that are passionate about what they do and want the help of a talented team to grow their presence into something worth talking about.