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About us:

His Glory Alone Radio is a ministry of Perpetual Hope Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization that offers true to life, word of God, faith-based experiential, teachings that encourage and enrich the lives of believers from all around the world from all walks of life. Many believers as well as nonbelievers or “seekers,” throughout the world are struggling in various ways. His Glory Alone Radio produces truthful life instances and or circumstances that allow us to point to the Word of God and see how His Word displays what the life of surrender truly looks like, sounds like, feels like and more importantly, the freedom and victory that comes from living that surrendered life in His Word and in His Presence.


Our mission is simple and one with great purpose. We truly want to help people let God love them fully and completely without hesitation.  We believe that is important to help people understand the danger of a lukewarm life, as well as open the eyes and hearts of people that might be seeking truth with in the salvation of Christ. It is easy to get sucked into and deceived by the process, procedure and “planning of worship” as opposed to the spontaneity of worship. This idea is easily described when comparing the true spontaneity of worship as being very similar to when a childen comes to their parent, throws their arms around the parent’s neck, kiss’s them and say, I love you! The unprompted, unedited, unplanned raw spontaneous purity of real-life emotional outbursts of love, should outline the disciples’ attitude towards their heavenly Father.

“When I am lifted up, I will draw all men near” “and HE added to their numbers daily”. We believe that, building a spontaneous, worshipful lifestyle, is what will get you through the brokenness when the bottom of life falls out. So, the mission is to encourage, uplift, equipt and guide people to engage Christ individually, passionately, intimately and build relationships with HIM, through HIS WORD as individuals.


The vision of His Glory Alone Radio is based on the reality that soon almost everyone on the planet will have a mobile device in which they we can plant the seeds of Love, Grace and Mercy. By doing so it is our hope that our experiential, word of God based, living, breathing, life teachings and testimonies will personally have a massive impact on the lives of people around the world to serve God and become a true-life disciple. Our biggest vision-based goal is to help people to allow our God, His Christ, and Their Holy Spirit become lovingly and intimately entangled in a life that has been invaded by The Divine Creator.


We uphold nothing is more important than Truth, the Word of God, the Presence of God, Love, Grace and Mercy toward one another, but especially love.

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