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FSIndy2014_o Frank Santoroski attended his first professional auto race back in 1978. His uncle, Hugh Maloney, brought him to the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. From there, Frank caught the racing bug and has never been able to shake it. He spent some time doing pit-crew work and occasionally driving for his Uncle’s race team, Maloney Racing. Frank began covering the CART series in the late 1990s with CART Pages and Race Family Motorsports. He also did quite a bit of freelance writing for Marlboro Racing, Adrian Fernandez Racing, and worked on developing web content for a number of other racing media outlets.

Through the American Open-Wheel split, Frank covered both series with great interest hoping for the reunification that finally became a reality in 2008. While the series has taken a beating in popularity due to the split, Frank steadfastly believes that the current Verizon IndyCar Series offers a tremendous product and hopes that he can help spread the word.

Frank joined the DTC team in late 2012 as the IndyCar correspondent, but his interests in auto racing span from grass-roots SCCA racing to NASCAR, Formula One and, of course IndyCars. He also has a deep interest in motor racing history, and possesses a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

When he’s not at the race track, Frank serves as the marketing manager for ZP International Motion Pictures, and their distribution company, Independent Network Channel.

Frank was born and raised in New Jersey, but has lived in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Since 2001, Frank has called the great state of Kentucky his home, where he lives with his wife, Laura and their children, Conner and Samantha.

Steve Aibel is a lifelong fan of all forms of motorsports but it is Formula 1 that really rocks his core. Introduced at a young age at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut, Aibel grew up watching his father race vintage cars such as Allard’s and Crosley’s

Steve writes the weekly Formula 1 report for the Drafting The Circuits website. He also contributes to the F1 segment of the weekly radio program during the open wheel segment which airs weekly every Tuesday night at 8pm on https://whoobazoo.com/draftingthecircuits/ and is re-broadcasted on the Performance Motorsports Network. Drafting the Circuits is available on iTunes.

For the past two years, Steve has covered NASCAR, INDYCAR, and primarily Formula 1 from tracks in Texas such as Circuit of the Americas and Texas Motor Speedway. “My goal is to help bring F1 to the racing fans in the United States. “It is my hope that my love for F1 carries through in my writing, on air, and through the images captured at the race track.”

Steve is an avid corvette enthusiast and loves sharing his joy of racing with his family. You can follow Steve and all the Formula 1 action through his the Drafting website as well as his twitter account @steve_aibel